MICHELIN Guide Inspectors spend all year on the road uncovering the best restaurants to recommend—and what they’ve found is too good to keep a secret. Whet your appetite with a sneak peek of the 2023 MICHELIN Guide Florida—eight new additions spread across Miami. Bon appétit!

It’s early days for this clean-cut brasserie, located in the construction-clogged Miami Worldcenter. An expansive patio, high ceilings and plenty of seating all around set the stage for a tight menu of French classics that most kitchens have long since forgotten. On sparkling Bernardaud porcelain, chef Michael Beltran delivers a hefty dose of nostalgia with escargot drenched in garlic butter, foie gras with berry gastrique and lobster with veal sweetbreads. Though rich, the cooking – and the environment, for that matter – manage to feel decidedly of the times. Know that these luxuries come with a price and are meant to be enjoyed, so anyone hoping to grab an easy omelet or burger with fries in between shopping will be disappointed.